About Us

Original Restaurant founded in 1909, Geneva, NY

Rocco and Joyce Commesso (took over the restaurant in 1950) Dominic’s parents

The Founders of Commesso’s Restaurant

Dominic Commesso co-founded Dominick’s Restaurant in 1978 with his wife Mary, in Auburn, New York, with the intention of serving our guests with the highest quality foods made in house from scratch. Dominick’s uses the freshest ingredients, while preparing every meal individually per order. Our commitment to quality ingredients and authentic Southern Italian taste, plus the warm atmosphere and friendly service, is something we take great pride in.

Although, no longer active, our Executive Chef Dominic is from Geneva, New York. He comes from three generations of restaurant owners from Reggio Calabria and Upstate, New York. He and his Sous Chef’s have created some of the most mouth-watering meals offered in our community. Our handmade sauces are all made in house daily and contribute to the high quality food we serve.

Dominic has passed the torch on to his children, Nicole and Jon. Nicole is presently the manager and the person running the business on a daily basis. However, you can also see Dominic at the restaurant everyday, visiting all the tables and making sure that all the customers are happy.

Dominick’s is committed to making sure everyone leaves our establishment full and satisfied. Dominick’s boast some of the finest wines in Central Florida, we are certain to please every pallet with our fine wines.

Dominic & Mary